Concrete Repair Products
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concrete repair products
concrete repair
rapid set mortar


  Supa-Polyester Resin Mortar - Concrete Repair Products
Two part general purpose mortar for concrete repairs or as a bedding mortar where rapid strength gain is required. Supplied in 6kg packs.

Supa-Mortar EP
Three component general purpose solvent free versatile mortar suitable for building and repair requirements where excellent bond, high strength and chemical resistance are required. Used in conjunction with Primer/Tack Coat. 26kg packs.

Epoxy Adhesive

High strength thixotropic epoxy resin adhesive, patch repair compound and primer.

Supa-Mortar HB

Lightweight high strength epoxy resin mortar for vertical and overhead applications. 16 kg packs.

Composite Strengthening
A complete system of wrap and plate options for all situations and performance criteria,

Concrete Repair Mortar

Supa-Crete ExCel - Concrete Repair Products
A pre-blended, pourable, high strength, rapid setting, shrinkage compensated concrete designed as a permanent emergency patching material.

Supa-Crete ExCel has been independently tested by UKAS Labs for compliance to D.o.T: Highways Agency Spec: HD27/04. Vol 7. Spec.Part 7. Clause 3.11.

Uses: Bedding in of street furniture, ironwork, lamp and fence posts etc. where rapid return to service is required. Stuctural repairs of concrete carriageways, runways and bridge decks.


Concrete Repair Products

If you want advice about which Concrete Repair Products to use, please contact us on 01724 840609.

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