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Today the RAPID clamp is used on a vast scaie by all building companies since it offers the most rational and most secure means of locking and retaining formwork when casting concrete. The clamp can give around 40°/o time-saving and can be removed remarkably quickly.

RAPID - the only formwork clamp in the world to offer DOUBLE SECURITY with DOUBLE LOCKING plus around 40% time-saving for fitting and removal.

RAPID CLAMPS are very simple to use. After setting up the wooden or steel framework for concrete casting, iron rods are passed through the wails of the formwork at intervals. Wooden spacers are positioned near each of these rods (these are removed as the concrete reaches them). A RAPID clamp is attached to one end of the rod and fixed with a light hammer biow on the head of the wedge. A second RAPID clamp is applied to the other end of the rod and locked in position iike the first, after the rod has been tensioned using the appropriate RAPID TENSIONER. When the operation is completed, the tensioner is removed and the process is continued with the next pair of clamps.

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